Founded in 2009 by Jason Lucash and Mike Szymczak, OrigAudio continues to deliver award-winning, premium quality audio products. Jason and Mike both traveled constantly in their early careers and wanted an easy way to listen to their music on the road. It was in their travels that the idea for OrigAudio came about as they recognized a need for an eco-friendly, portable solution for listening to music while on the go. Inspired by a Chinese take-out box - foldable, easily compactable, and recyclable - the ‘origami of audio’ was born.

Three months after launching, OrigAudio was named to Time Magazine’s “50 Best Inventions of 2009” list and appeared on ABC’s hit start-up business show, “Shark Tank.” A multimillion dollar and internationally renowned company, OrigAudio stands for everything new and essential in evolving business. OrigAudio practices corporate social responsibility through philanthropic partnerships and demonstrates a green mentality by reducing energy consumption and waste with the creation of eco-friendly products. The first product, the Fold n’ Play speakers, which are made from recycled materials and require zero external power - making them Mother Nature approved - are what landed OrigAudio its spot in the Time Magazine feature. If you thought old newspapers, phone books, and pizza boxes were useless, think again!

OrigAudio offers innovative solutions for music portability by providing an outlet for customers to become creators of style, set their own trends, and showcase their unique music personalities. The best example of this is OrigAudio’s newest product, Designears. Designears are the world’s first fully customizable headphones. Designears headphones give consumers the opportunity to design and create a look catered exclusively to their style with the sound quality they crave. You have a unique personality, and now your music does too-- they are your ears, you design them!

Jason and Mike founded OrigAudio during a time of severe economic downturn in the US. They serve as revolutionary examples of what anyone can accomplish in business – embodying the true American dream. OrigAudio stands behind the young leading entrepreneurs of today who are the real entrepreneurs of the future, because the future is now.