CompanyPromoStore.com is a unique online company store solution that eliminates inventory management, collections and order processing by integrating directly with select, high-quality suppliers who produce apparel items at no minimums (hard goods at 1/2 catalog minimums) and ship in 5 to 7 working days directly to your client.

This On-Demand solution allows distributors to offer more selections and more logo options without the hassles – and risks – of carrying inventory. Designed with flexibility in mind, this one-of-a-kind eCommerce solution offers many other features, including the ability to offer your own inventory and non-partnered items, purchase goods via credit card, P.O., gift certificate and/or rewards redemption programs, offer multiple logos on every item, and many others.


From Corporate Employee stores to Rewards and Recognition, we have you covered. You can navigate any demo store from product and logo selection to payment method and checkout. Simply click below to view a complete demo store by industry or type. We can even create a custom demo store with your customer's logos and graphics for a personalized proposal.


One Size Does Not Fit All! We understand your client has individual needs for their online company store. We just feel you shouldn't have to pay for the ones they don't need. Instead of charging one setup cost which includes every bell and whistle under the sun, we allow you to select the options that fit your client. This allows us to keep our set up costs low and allows you the flexibility to meet your client's needs.


CompanyPromoStore.com works exclusively with Promotional Products Distributors therefore we do not publish our pricing. If you are a business, company or organization that would like more information about our platform, please contact your local promotional products distributor or we can connect you to one of our distributor partners. Distributors please contact us for access to the pricing area.


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