The Open Billing or P.O. Module can be enabled on a per store bases. Distributors can offer the P.O. Module to their customers by contacting on existing stores or by requesting in the set-up of a new store. Below outlines how the P.O. module works in the store.

The P.O. Module is an optional billing method in the store. It is typically used when a client wants the option for users to be billed for an order instead of using a credit card. During checkout, the user would select the P.O. option. They are prompted to enter a PO or Reference number. Once they checkout an email notification is sent to the distributor showing the order and the PO. The distributor can either approve or decline the order. Approved orders are then sent into production. The distributor would bill the client using the PO or Reference number provided. The module can be set up for a main administrator employed by the client to review and approve orders.