Budget Billing can be enabled on a per store bases. Distributors can offer budget billing to their customers by contacting CPS.com on existing stores or by requesting in the set-up of a new store. Below outlines how the budget billing works in the store.

Budget billing allows users to be assigned a budget for a specified time period. The initial users and budgets would be uploaded to the system with an admin area for updating. User would login with the preset credentials sent by the program administrator. Once logged in they would be able to view their budget balance. Users would continue to order until their budget reaches zero. At this time the system would not allow them to place the order. Once the budget was spent the user could pay by an alternative method such as a personal credit card.


CPS will generate the requested budgets and quantities for the distributor. After the initial budgets are set the distributor would be able to log into the distributor admin area and view/update the budgets as needed. Distributors will receive a monthly report showing every order with the total budget used. Distributors would use this report to bill the customers.