New Hire Welcome Program

CLIENT: Global Defense Company


As part of its employee retention efforts, the company wanted to implement a new hire welcome program that gave every new employee $25 to purchase company branded merchandise.


(1) Create an online store that enabled new employees to easily order merchandise using a gift card.
(2) Work within the company’s stringent brand identity guidelines to create a store-front matching the look and feel of the corporate website and keep within the corporate logo guidelines. SOLUTION

Through’s flexible design templates and innovative technology, the company was able to provide it’s new employees with an easy shopping experience that was a seamless extension of the corporate brand. The corporate marketing and HR teams were able to meet several objectives using the platform. Employees had a positive feeling after receiving the $25 gift certificate. They were able to shop and select an item giving them a more personal experience than just receiving a gift when starting at the company. Since the employee purchased the item it increased the likelihood they would wear the item more often, increasing brand awareness and employee pride in the company.