The Reward Points Module can be enabled on a per store bases. Distributors can offer the Rewards Module by requesting in the set-up of a new store. Below outlines how the Rewards Points module works in the store.

The Reward Points Module allows users to purchase products through a points based program rather than dollars, perfect for various reward, incentive, and employee programs.

The points/dollar is determined by the client, this is the number of points that equate to a dollar for the store. For Example, $1.00 = 1 point or $1.00 = 50pts. Users can earn points based on the reward structure set up by the company. Employees can be rewarded for any number of reasons such as great ideas, accident free hours, or reaching sales goals. Once the points are assigned to an employee, they can shop in the store and redeem points for merchandise.

Distributors will receive a monthly report showing total redeemed points for each order. Distributors would use this report to bill the client for the merchandise, shipping and sales tax.