Gift certificates/vouchers can be enabled on a per store bases. Distributors can offer gift certificates by contacting CompanyPromoStore on existing stores or by requesting in the set up of a new store. There are two options available for a distributor to offer in the store which are outlined below.

Gift Certificate Option

Gift certificates are prepaid by credit card and can be used similar to a gift card you would purchase at a retail store and can only be used in the store they were purchased. Gift certificates are available in many denominations and are purchased through the store like any other item.

Once the gift certificate is purchased the recipient can either print or email the certificate to the end user. Each certificate has a serial number associated with it. During check out the end user is prompted to enter the gift certificate number before checking out. The amount of the gift certificate is subtracted from the total amount in the cart. If the gift certificate does not cover the entire cost the end user will be prompted to input their credit card number or purchase order number for the balance. If the total amount of the gift certificate is not used the end user may return at a later date to use the remaining balance.

CPS will rebate the entire amount of gift certificates ordered to the distributor on a monthly basis.

Gift Voucher Option

Distributors also have the option to create gift certificates without having the end user client prepay. Redeeming gift vouchers in a store works the same way as the gift certificate option. The difference being gift vouchers are billed to the end user client when redeemed instead of paying up front. Typically gift vouchers are used when the client would like to offer a reward, incentive or offset a portion of the cost for an employee to purchase logoed merchandise from the company store.
CPS will generate the requested denominations and quantities for the distributor. End users can redeem them in the store just like prepaid gift certificates. Each month a report will show the redeemed amounts. The distributor can then bill the end user client for the total redeemed amount.