Logo Membership Module can be enabled on a per store bases. Distributors can offer the Logo Membership module to their customers by contacting on existing stores or by requesting in the set-up of a new store. Below outlines how the logo membership works in the store.

The logo membership module allows distributors the ability to categorize users into memberships or groups. These groups can then be assigned different logos. The logos assigned to a particular membership will be visible only to the users assigned to that membership. During the setup of the module, distributors create the names of the different groups they desire. Then the logos being offered in the store will be assigned to one or more of the groups. Once a user is assigned a group, they will log into the store. Based on the group they were assigned they will only see the logos assigned to that particular membership or group.

There are two ways users can be assigned a membership.

Self-assigned: Users register on the site and select the membership from a drop down menu. Users are free to assign any of the memberships available.

Pre-assigned: Users are preloaded to the site with a membership already assigned. A username and password is sent to each user to use to login to the site. Users can login and view the appropriate logos based on the membership assigned. They are not free to select or change the membership.


Client has their main logo that all employees at any level can view and purchase. They have a second logo that they only want managers to be able to view and purchase. Two memberships would be created.

Membership 1: Employee

Membership 2: Manager

The main logo would be assigned to both Employee and Manager memberships. The special manager logo would only be assigned to the Manager membership. When an employee logs into the store they will see the main logo. When a manager logs into the store they will see both the main logo and the manager logo.